Sunday, June 28, 2009

You say obsessed, I say brand loyal

You have 3 guesses as to what my favorite brand of running shoes are, and the first 2 don't count. Yes, that's correct, I love my Sauconys.

I actually picked up my first pair, the Cohesion NX on the left, as just a general pair of walking around shoes. When I started running last September, I had some vague idea that Saucony was a running shoe company so they were the most logical choice to lace up for that life-changing first run. They felt good and seemed to cushion my feet well, so I kept running in them.

I burned totally through the outsole on the Cohesions in just a couple of months so I went to All Things Running to pick up my first pair of "real" running shoes. By this point, I knew I needed neutral shoes and since Saucony had served me well, I wanted to stick with them. The salesman there set me up with the Progrid Rides (2nd from left) and I loved every one of the 300+ miles I put on them.

The pair in the middle are my "racing" shoes. Saucony Grid Tangent 3s. Absolutely awesome. They feel like they barely weigh anything and the tiny amount of stability they have built in doesn't seem to affect me at all. Still not used to being able to see my socks through the top of them, of course :)

The last two pairs on the right are new acquisitions. When my first pair of Rides went dead, I headed over to ATR again to check out the Ride 2s. I didn't even get a chance b/c when I walked in carrying my Rides, the salesgirl checked out the wear pattern, said it was "near perfect" and asked if I liked that exact model. Turns out they were clearing out their Rides to make way for the Ride 2s and were selling them for $50 a pair! Since I had already expected to spend around $100, I went ahead and picked up two pairs and now have 600+ miles of Saucony goodness ready to go!

You say obsessed, I say brand loyal. Saucony was with me at the beginning of my new life as a runner and I hope to be in them until it ends!

Run Long, Run Free


  1. Preach on Brother and keep your eyes on the Prize.

  2. If you like the Ride, save some of your money ans splurge on the Triumph 6. You are going to love it! Full length ProGrid and awesome fit/feel. The Paramount (regular $165) is another great one for you to try.

    Stick with Saucony. It's the only way to go!

  3. I'm a huge Saucony fan! I totally agree - it's not obsession but loyalty.

    Happy Running!

  4. Saucony's are amazing! They're also a great company from my experience. The new paramounts are coming out but they have more stability to them. Try getting an older pair of the paramount (now on sale I hope) because it has a smaller posting. I am also nuetral and the older paramounts are the best!

  5. If you're ever looking for a lightweight racing shoe, the Saucony Fastwitch is great - set most of my PR's in it.